Re-engineer the business process organizational model.

Today most supply chain processes can be performed automatically. The use of computer aided technology and the help of the internet, making information available to everyone across the globe makes the learning curve more vertical reducing the empirical process. With Blogs, Online Tutorials, Vlogs, Youtube videos, Skype, Facebook and Instagram knowledge never have been so off the shelf as today where everything is by the click. Helping the supply chain become more dynamic, flexible, adaptive and efficient. Digital platforms give real time data applied with analytical models can help Executives make crucial decisions. This allows to resources and management to concentrate on real time factors and adapt during the supply chain process

Working across the supply chain

Organizations need to re-engineer their systems to a more flexible model easily adaptable to the market evolution.

Companies need to break the conceptual pillars that are a block to innovation and adaptation to the fast moving market.

The resources need to be putted align so the entire supply chain works organically to achieve a specific goal and costumer orientated approach that is constantly changing. The key is to adapt to improve in cost, stock, quality standards and customer service

“89% of supply chain executives report that customers see their current operating models as too complex, and for half of them, “decision-making speed” and “flexibility to respond” are key sources of that complexity.” – Accenture Consulting

Today’s supply chains are manly functional orientated.  The next level of operational decision making can become smarter by individuals that understand cross-functional, point to point relationship or financial and operational outcomes of decision made.

Current data exponential growth is a door to acquire an in depth understanding of the market trends and consumer behaviour.  This approach allows to the reaction to the problem process become more proactive as the issues occurs and the plans need changes.

Cloud based/digital platforms partnership (Collaboration)

Elevating your internal capabilities to a wider spectrum i.e., cloud systems. Can help to solve problems faster and expand the service capacity to customers. The use of social platforms helps collaboration with your peers and share real time data and relevant information from all involved in the supply chain.  Updating, reviewing, adding notes and communicating whilst the process in taking place adds on value and a competitive advantage for teams.

The future has only place to accommodate a customer oriented model taking into account individuals needs with an easy adaptable structure.

Global Synergy Resources has a flexible approach to different markets and clients. Our model and Supply chain focus on customer needs in achieving the best service across the supply chain. From Customer service, Sourcing, Price Negotiation, Product testing, Repacking, Delivery and Post-sales service.

By Sergio A. M. Chiteculo – Global Synergy Resources – London, 01/08/17