By globalsynergy / 11th October 2019

Brexit Impact on UK Businesses

The impact of Brexit in the constantly evolving economic landscape has caused an increasing period of uncertainty, forecasted to last for no less than a decade.

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By globalsynergy / 15th October 2017

Procurement and Currency Exchange Risk

Currency fluctuation is one of the major impediments to global sourcing strategies to achieve cost savings to the supply chain.

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By globalsynergy / 9th August 2017

Procurement expenditure in Mining

The continuous push for efficient cost levels and greater productivity; means miners are re-evaluating their methods and the management of all sectors of their operation.

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By globalsynergy / 2nd August 2017

Environmental steps for a greener future

The future of the electricity and power industry is in question of whether they will survive in 30 years’ time. France is setting strict regulations on licencing restrictions...

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By globalsynergy / 1st August 2017

Supply chain beyond 4.0

Organizations need to re-engineer their systems to a more flexible model easily adaptable to the market evolution.

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By globalsynergy / 31st July 2017

Procurement Savings

In the procurement industry there are many ways to save. There are three main areas to look into when assessing how to save costs.

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