Working closely, we government bodies and private organizations we are able to provide you with smart health and safety solutions according to the international health and safety standards. Supplying your organization with PPE, Protective Equipment, health and Safety Signs, Temporary Road Signs, Information Signs, Warning Signs, Construction Safety Packs, Scaffold Signs, Personal Protection Signs, Site Safety Boards, Recycling Signs, CCTV Signs, Multi Language Signs, Freestanding Signs, Door Signs, Fire Safety Signs, Fire Equipment Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Glow in the Dark Signs, Fire Equipment Signs, No Smoking Signs, Traffic & Parking Signs, First Aid Posters, Health & Safety Posters.

Hand Protection equipment, Cut Resistant Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Cold Handling Gloves, Heat & Welding Gloves, General Purpose Gloves, Industrial Gloves, Chemical Resistant Gloves, Grip Gloves, Safety Footwear, Safety Shoes, Safety Boots, Work & Safety Clothing, High Visibility Clothing, Flame Retardent Clothing, Overalls, Aprons. Head Protection, Safety Helmets & Bump Caps, Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs, Face Masks, Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Face Shields. Our comprehensive global supplier relationship enables us to provide quality equipment at highly competitive rates with the shortest lead times.

Procurement Contracts

Our global presence and strategic partnership maximize our capacity to supply the product you need with the shortest lead times. We provide our clients with product pre-inspection, consolidation, packing and distribution. We can offer quotations with the incoterms that is more suitable for your company anywhere in the world.